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Movie - Akagaki Genzo (1924)

Leads the ratings - Akagaki Genzo movie

Movie Is being made - in 1924.

Color Info: Black and White
Countries: Japan
Languages: Japanese
Sound Mix: Silent
Tech Info: MET:
Release Dates: Japan:1 September 1924

In movie have been taken:

Matsunosuke Onoe (actor)
Death Notes:Kyoto, Japan
As a infantile entertainer contained by a small traveling Kabuki board, he be discovered using Makino Shozo and made his debut in arrange of the largest matchlessness in Goban Tadanobu in 1909. Later he acted in parts both as a hero and kyokyaku (a office gambler in the Edo interval, habitually romanticized as a chivalrous 'Robin Hood' figure) one after another, and he also perform furthermost of the main characters in the bestsellers of the circumstance, Tachikawa paperbacks. Ninja films be also discovered by Matsunosuke, and he was given the appellation "Medama no Matchan" in the red to his outstandingly huge eye. He become very uncultured near expert flesh and blood who would steal former its sell-by date the ninja move they hang over and done with see in his films. Matusnosuke be said to have created over 80 films a year during his halcyon days years and made over 1,000 films all in all. However, the simply films that be hermetic today are Chushingura (1910), Goketsu Jiraiya (1921) and Shibukawa Bangoro (1922). Matsunosuke collapsed during the film of Kyokotsu Mikazuki in 1926, and die of heart virus on 11 September that year.
Birth Notes:Okayama, Japan
First superstar in the history of Japanese cinema.
Death Date:11 September 1926
Birth Date:12 September 1875

Kichiro Tsuji (writer)

Kikuro Tsuchida (cinematographer)

Kichiro Tsuji (director)

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